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Matter Out Of Place



"Matter Out Of Place":

 /muːp/  (verb)

  • To moop ;  Providing new meaning to an object, material or substance;  

  • To make something matter, even when it is out of place.





Anthropology ; A substance or material that is perceived as a threat to social, moral, or aesthetic boundaries.​

​Ecology ; A body or object that can affect the biophysical and cultural dimensions of an environment.

Informal ; An acronym for "matter out of place". Originally coined by the British anthropologist Mary Douglas in her influential book "Purity and Danger" (1966)




At MOOP we believe arts & culture to be a basic human need, one that is often overlooked and underserved.

Access to art  is as vital as being included in the conversation around its meaning.


MOOP hopes to provide routes toward access and inclusion, by serving as a living archive and social forum.

If you have something to say about an object, exhibition, collection or conversation, we want to hear it.


MOOP is a movement.

We all MOOP. 

Do you?


matter out of place






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